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Weight Loss is the most discussed topic today because every other person has some sort of disease like diabetes, cholesterol issues & heart problems.


On Google; bundles of weight loss methods, treatments, therapies and supplements are available.

Every single one seems to claim the same and some of them are delivering too what they promise but the ration is low that is why one needs to be skeptic before opting any of them.

Today in this article, we are also going to discuss a Product but nobody is forcing you to use it, just go through the facts n figures and take your decision on your own.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss in the terms of physical fitness, health or medicine, is a decrease in the body mass because of mean loss of body fat, fluid, lean tissue or adipose tissue.

How to lose weight?

There are several ways to reduce weight

  1. Exercise
  2. Regulating intake of calories

Surgical procedures like (Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy)

Taking supplements such as PhenQ

Why PhenQ?

One pill and it covers all your weight loss needs.

It is not just like any other ordinary supplement on market but a complete solution for your weight loss journey and it is something that is entirely absent in the most of the weight loss programs or supplements.

What should the clients expect from it?

  1. High Quality supplement formula that is FDA and GMP approved and it is manufactured in UK and US.
  2. It blocks fat creation to refrain your body from gaining weight
  3. Not only it stops production of fat but also burn the body fat that has been stored in the body
  4. It minimizes your appetite that lets you take control of your eating
  5. It is also great at improving your energy levels as well as mood for hassle-free weight loss

What are the ingredients?

PhenQ has its magical potent in its ingredients, it comes with no surprise that some of its ingredients are present in other supplement that claim to help in losing weight.

However, the quantity matters! Every ingredient is present in an apt quantity that is required to magic happen.

  1. Chromium Picolinate:
    It helps your body in controlling blood sugar levels that eventually lets your curb the cravings for carbs and sugar. It is a natural mineral that is present in vegetables, wholegrains, or meat.
  2. Nopal:
    Nopal also known as “nopal cactus” is rich in fiber and amino acids. It caters all your needs of energy on your weight loss quest. Moreover, it supports your body in flushing all the excess fluid from the tissues into the muscle and this fluid retention is also a reason of weight gain and it helps body in shedding extra pounds.
  3. Calcium Carbonate:
    Bones are not the only thing in your body that you require calcium for! You weight loss program needs it too. It supports you to maintain healthy weight, encourages cells to store less fat by indicating that your body has all the required things that it needs and your cells does not need any more fat storage. But actually the cells do other way around and burn stored fat that is present in them. Hence, your venture of losing those stubborn pounds gets much swifter.
  4. Caffeine:
    When you take caffeine it helps your body in these ways:
  • Make your more alert minded and focused
  • Let you feel less hungry
  • Enhance thermogenesis
  • Improve your overall performance that will also get you out most of your exercise routine
  1. Capsimax Power:
    Capsimax Powder contains a combination of piperine, niacin (vitamin B3), caffeine and capsicum. As piperine (black pepper) and capsicum pepper plant possess effective features of thermogenic. By increasing raising body heat both these ingredients are capable of burning excessive fat. Plus, it is said that piperine is likely to eligible to block the generation of new fat cells.
  2. L-Carnitine Furmarate:
    Food like nuts, red meat and green vegetables has amino acid L-Carnitine and it is naturally present in them. This amino acid triggers body to convert its fat into energy. So, basically it is helpful in getting rid of fatigue that is a normal to experience in dieting.

Are there any side effects?

Not something very serious but yes, avoid it if you come in any of these categories:

  • If you are under the age of 18
  • If you have kidney problems
  • Any types of cancer or any serious illness
  • If you are pregnant or nursing
  • If you are already taking medicines

Talk to your doctor first, as you should avoid not only PhenQ and any other weight loss supplement in these conditions.


This supplement has helped 1,90,000 customers and from any angle, it is not a small figure that can be neglected or considered insignificant.

If you are willing to get detailed information, you may visit the official website. As this supplement (PhenQ) can bring those ideal results that you have desired but have not got them yet.


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